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Types of locks

The locksmiths at Slotenmaker Amsterdam come across many different types of locks during their work. With so many years of experience, they can open, repair or replace any type of lock. Common locks are:

Mortice lock:

A mortice lock is built into the door and the doorframe and consists of two parts: a latch bolt and a dead bolt. The latch bolt ensures that the door stays closed when it has been shut. The dead bolt is more robust and enables you to lock the door. Newly built homes are generally provided with mortice locks.

Night latch:

A night latch is mounted to the inside of a door and doorframe and also consists of a latch bolt and a dead lock. The key difference with a mortice lock is that the latch bolt is opened using a snib or knob and not a door handle. We often come across night latches in older homes.

Multi-point locking systems:

A multi-point locking system is built into the door and the frame. Using a key, the door can be locked at multiple points in one movement. With one turn of the key, the door is locked at the top, at the bottom and in the middle. This type of lock is increasingly used in modern newly built homes.

Security-bolt locks:

A security bolt lock is a very robust fitted lock equipped with two hard metal pins. To open and close this lock, you need a special key.

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